I cruised through the world of capital, business and finance in my younger years. I found it turn people into zombies- who know nothing about themselves, nothing about their world. They only walk together to find, to achieve who knows what!

Then I voyaged into a sidelined world of academics- reading, serious thinking and discussions. I learnt how governments work and why poverty never ends. I learnt how power of capital hypnotized the world and why every natural ecosystem face a threat today. In a gist, I learnt that the only way I can contribute to my concerns is by being selfish. I must do only what makes me happy, what drives my personal goals, what helps me see through the ambitions closest to my heart.

Others may say going ahead that I work for conservation of forests, or with farmers, or in favour of transparent and accountable government. But I know that they are all proxies to my own personal well-being.

P.S. A bit of zombieness is not bad; so I still look forward to that. It helps you survive in this world.


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