Podcast: Stories at Buffer

How do you understand the buffer area of a forest?
Is it a no-man’s land between the forest and human settlement?
Or it is just another landscape but governed by a special set of rules?
Or it can be imagined as a space where the lifestyle of people in this zone, and their relationship with the forest take the form of a buffer?
This podcast explores the few ideas on buffer areas.
concept 00:00-02:33
A law has its own life. A life before it is created and after.
Within that environmental laws are often privileged, to be living a rather adventurous life.
This story tracks one such life of Eco-sensitive Zones (ESZ) that first struggled for two decades for recognition as a common law, and today it fights for a good definition so that it can be effectively absorbed in the governance of buffer areas.
 Story 00:00-04:11


Tracks: Concept- Hope by Yiruma on piano | Story 2- Raag Ahir Bhairav on Flute by Dhiraj Kapadia
Recording and production support by IIHS Media Lab

These podcasts are part of the outreach for an ongoing project at the buffer zones of urban forests in India.

The language used is simple and narration is compact due to the form it is presented in, and hence the two stories may appear to be general, or jumping a few facts. Thank you for understanding that!


Guidelines for declaration of Eco-sensitive zones around National Parks and Wildlife Sancturies 

Kapoor, M., K. Kohli and M. Menon 2009. India’s Notified Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESAs): The Story so far…Kalpavriksh, Delhi & WWF-India, New Delhi

The Supreme Court Of India, Writ Petition No.460/2004 Goa Foundation V/S Union Of India Order Dated 4.12.2006 

Minutes of meetings, ESZ 


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